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Intelligent field of surge protector solutions experts


With the increase of power system capacity, the improvement of automation level, lightning protection products, grounding devices, and lightning protection engineering in electric power system belongs to the key application fields. Electricity modernization has spread the power supply system, and improve the power quality is particularly important in today's power system has been used many computers, intelligent terminal equipment, program-controlled telephone, RTU and other microelectronic devices, these devices is generally low work voltage, system transmission distance, long transmission lines, so the probability of suffering from lightning strike is extremely high, weak ability to resist a lightning strike. When lightning current produced by the damage to the interference of microelectronic devices and tem field is extremely serious. In order to guarantee the normal operation of the various kinds of electronic equipment, equipped with surge protector is very necessary.

Mainly related to power generation, transmission, power communications plate three applications. Different applications such as power plants, transformer substation, power communications link different solutions. According to the requirements of protection areas on the border of each partition installation for surge protector, installed in LPZ0BZ and LPZ1 grade I (i.e., B / 1) LM - KB255-25 type surge protector, on the border of LPZ1 and LPZ1 zone installation level II (grade C 2) LM - XC385-40 type surge protector, in the LPZ2 front-end equipment installation level III (grade D/level 3) LM - XD275-20 surge protector. Class I used for the power distribution cabinet (box) location; Class II for distribution box; Level III for distribution box and the need to protect the electronic information equipment port.

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