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      Guangdong les g electrical technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "LEISIKE") was founded in 2012, is the domestic surge protector industry, high-end market in one of the leading enterprises, with advanced research and development center, product line and 10/350 mu s impact current generator, simulated lightning current impact test bench, impulse voltage generator of the laboratory. The company's independent research and development, production of "Resker" series of products, Covers the power lightning protection box, power lightning protection module, explosion-proof power lightning protection device, the back-up protector, lightning rod, lightning warning, thunder and lightning monitoring module, signal lightning protection device, rack type lightning protection device, grounding products and other fittings of lightning protection, and since the compound under voltage protector, miniature circuit breakers, power distribution unit, junction box, control box, etc., product variety, complete specification, Meet the needs of customers in various industries.

     As a lightning protection product supplier and solution provider, Resque always adheres to the heart of craftsman and makes every effort to build products. With the craftsman spirit of striving for perfection, we will increase varieties, improve quality and create brands. With enthusiasm, dedication, devout attitude, abide by the quality, to provide customers with high quality, safe, professional, green lightning protection products and solutions.

     Leske lightning protection existing ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 three system certification, products through CQC, CE, ROHS, TUV, explosion-proof certification and Beijing lightning protection device test Center issued type test report, and has a number of invention and utility model patents. Les, lightning protection adhere to technological innovation, product innovation, continuously provide customers with high quality products and efficient service, continue to "abide by integrity, win-win cooperation, the pursuit of excellence, pragmatic and innovative" business philosophy, "the urgent need, need people need" business purposes, continue to work hard in the field of lightning protection science, strive to make first-class brand service provider

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