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Lightning protection engineering lead line dark laying shall comply with the following regulations lightning protection net installation dark laying practice

Company news 2022-01-17

1. Lightning protection lead line dark laying should meet the following provisions:

* When the main reinforcement is used as the dark guide line, each guide line shall not be less than two φ16mm main reinforcement. Cast-in-place concrete inner laying lead line does not do anti-corrosion treatment. See above for specific welding requirements. Metal components of the building (such as steel columns, etc.) can be used as leads, but all metal components should be connected with electrical pathways.

* The lead line should be laid along the external wall of the building, from the connector to the grounding body. The lead line should be laid as short and straight as possible. According to the specific situation of the building is not possible straight down, can also be bent, but should pay attention to the distance of the bending opening shall not be equal to or less than the actual length of the bending line segment 0. The lead line can also be hidden, but the section should be increased by one level, dark installation should also pay attention to the distance of other metal components in the wall.

* The distance between the fixed fulcrum of the lead line should not be greater than 2m, and a certain tightness should be maintained when laying the lead line. The leads should be kept away from entrances and exits of buildings and places easily accessible to pedestrians to avoid danger. A section of ground wire from 1.7m above ground to 0.3m below ground should be protected where it is vulnerable to mechanical damage.

2. lightning protection offline dark laying practice:

* First of all, the required flat steel (or round steel) is straightened or planted with a hand hammer (or steel bar wrench). Transport the lead line with adjusted verticality to the installation site, lead it with the building according to the design requirements, and hang it up.

* Timely weld the lower end of the lead line with the grounding body or connect it with the connector breaker. Follow the gradual increase of the building, lay the lead line in the building up to the roof. If joints are needed, they should be welded. After welding, the coating should be knocked off and anti-rust paint should be brushed (except for cast-in-place concrete). Relevant personnel should be asked to conduct hidden inspection and make records.

* Advocate muscle (diameter of not less than 16) is used as the down lead, find out all the main reinforced according to design requirements, tag them with paint, is apart from the outdoor floor 0.5 m good welding test point, step by step a series with steel welded to the top, down lead welding a certain length, the lap length should not be less than 100 mm, after finish please relevant personnel to check Cain, completes the inspection records.

3. Lightning protection net installation:

* The lightning conductor should be flat and firm, without high and low fluctuations and bending phenomenon. The distance from the building should be consistent, and the flatness of every 2m inspection section allows 3/1000 deviation. But the full length shall not exceed 10mm.

* The bending point of the lightning conductor shall not be less than 90°, and the bending radius shall not be less than 10 times the diameter of the round steel. Lightning line such as flat steel, the section shall not be less than 48mm; In case of round steel, the diameter shall not be less than 8mm.

4. Install the lightning conductor

* Lightning line such as flat steel, can be placed on the plate with hammer straightening; If it is a round steel, one end of the round steel can be fixed on the firmly anchored fixture, the other end is fixed on the grinding (or inverted chain) fixture, cold drawing straightening.

* Transport the straightened lightning conductor to the installation site. The lightning conductor should be lifted to the top with a big rope, straightened, laid, fixed and welded together, and the welding line should be well welded, the drug skin at the welding place should be knocked off, and the local straightening should be brushed with anti-rust paint and lead oil (or silver powder).

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